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Kate Bush- Burning Bridge.

Kate Bush (alongside Joni Mitchell) is one of the most original innovators of popular music. Her ability to fluidly incorporate multiple genres within a song shows a artist perception that is quite prodigious.

In this track in particular, the R’n’B influence is very strong, and yet infused with more conventional ‘pop’ rhythms and guitar/piano effects.

A true visionary

Living well is the best revenge.

Dorothy Parker.

The great dramatic mezzo Ebe Stignani singing Arsace’s aria ‘Ah, quel giorno’ from Rossini’s opera Semiramide.

Stignani here showcasing all her Bel Canto virtuosity in the heaviest and most intricate role Rossini wrote for the mezzo/contralto voice. Accentuated by a gorgeously dense middle voice, Stigani manages to maintain a luxurious legato polish consistently throughout the vocal line, from florid, lighter passages down into dark, rich low passages, again highlighting superb chest placement and the ability to sing with a broad spectrum of colour.

The coloratura is absolutely masterful for such a huge voice. Incredibly nimble and without aspirations or drops in support. The essence of Bel Canto singing.

The supreme Nina Simone performing her rendition of the spiritual ‘Children Go Where I Send You’.

A musician and vocalist of such incredible power and strength. Not only a virtuoso instrumentalist, but blessed with a beautiful androgynously tinged tinbre and IMPECCABLE intonation.

A goddess.

Joan had a huge influence on me for over four decades. She was one of my primary role models as a public figure. Not since Dorothy Parker had an American woman been so shockingly fearless in her aggressive speech and gleeful violation of taboos. Joan slew the last ghost of sentimentality and propriety that had hung over middle-class white women since the Victorian period.

Camille Paglia on Joan Rivers

Thank you Miss Rivers.

Thank you Miss Rivers.